Women Podcasters Rocking It in 2021 Part 2!

Updated: Jun 9

Five-Part Series: Showcasing Wonderfully Talented Women Podcasters Who Are Making Their Mark in the World of Podcasting

It’s no secret that podcasts have gained more popularity than ever, with so many of them being produced and hosted by women. Listeners seek out women-led podcasts for valuable inspiration, motivation, and access to some of the most blazing personalities representing distinctive topics from different fields. This Five-Part Series “Women Podcasters Rocking It in 2021” showcases some of these wonderfully talented women podcasters who are influencing from their hearts while harnessing their strengths and differences to stand out. And stand out they do! I spoke with each of the podcast hosts to share the short version of who they are. Each shares her take on why she started her podcast and what’s next for her.

Part Two: 6 Standout Women Podcasters Making a Difference!

The women podcasters featured in Part-Two of "Women Podcasters Rocking It in 2021" are definitely making a difference in the podcast world and beyond. They represent Generation X to Generation Z, with Millennials in between. As entrepreneurs they know the struggles you go through to reach your goals but with the passion they all possess, nothing can stop them from building their brands. Each of these dynamic women have worked hard to build a connection with her audience and truly enjoys sharing her insights on topics she is dedicated to inspiring others about. They’re listed in alphabetical order because there’s no way to grade them on their extraordinary personalities.

Chelsea Austin: Host of Worthiness Warriors

Defining Worth through Self-Care, Love, Respect and Storytelling

Chelsea Austin is the host of the "Worthiness Warriors" podcast, a writer, speaker, and life coach who has appeared in Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, Bizwomen, and Shoutout LA. With her soon to be released debut book, the 27-year-old has created a nationally recognized career from her beliefs and her wish to bring peace, self-love, and joy to as many individuals as possible.

Raised by her two fathers, Chelsea’s unique path to podcasting has been a unique journey that began many years back when she started spreading love, tolerance, and self-worth as an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and human rights during her teen years. She graduated from college in 2015 became a very successful realtor but soon after decided to leave her unfulfilled and overworked career and began her pivotal entrepreneurial path. She began navigating the world as a blogger, speaking at engagements, becoming a life coach and eventually brought it all together on the Worthiness Warriors podcast. Her weekly podcast enables her to connect her voice with those who she can’t meet in person while helping her continue her development of her own self-worth. To know more about Chelsea, you need to listen to her first episode as she explains who she is and the one specific moment during her high school years that the phrase "self-worth" became her future. This gives meaning to the conversations she has with each new guest diving into the human experience of finding and defining one’s value and merit. She always focuses on building bridges between communities and individuals through storytelling. This way she can connect and confirm how every person you meet shares more similarities with you, than differences at every core part. Chelsea shares “My podcast, blog, new book and courses are all about finding self-worth and learning to redefine how we see ourselves in order to live the lives we’ve always dreamt of." After being taught how to be a good human, show love to everyone and be open to all possibilities that are awaiting to meet you, Chelsea's personality is nonstop. Striving to show people that they have everything they need within themselves is a very important thing most people need to hear. Her focus is to specifically make an impact on young women and show them that they don’t have to wait until a certain level of maturity to love from within.

Chelsea will continue to follow her heart and spread amazing passion that will surely change the world. Offering her help to guide others through her coaching courses should prove another avenue that will inspire. If we listen to her, we can all make an impact on the many lives we meet daily. As Chelsea says, "And along the way your own joy and passion will shine through.”

With a busy summer ahead, Chelsea is looking forward to launching her first course on self-worth and self-care in June and publishing her debut novel in 2022. As I write this, I can't help but wonder if that novel will turn into a series…a mini-series that might catch the eyes of a producer. Then again, with her zeal and zest Chelsea might just produce and star in her own movie herself. I look forward to seeing another Chelsea Austin defining moment because it is just around the corner.

Marley Comito: Host of Spill the Soup

Insight to What It's Like to Be a Teenager in Today's Times

Marley Comito, host of Spill the Soup, has been an aspiring journalist since she was younger, which wasn't so long ago as she is a 17-year high school senior. Her inspiration comes from the most media experienced person she knows, her mom, Jordana Green who has been in the media industry for some time. Marley believes it's her mom's guidance that has helped her to reach for new goals that Marley continues striving toward.

Marley's podcast was the third entrepreneurial road that came knocking from her studying a semester abroad, through the Alexander Muss High School in Israel program(AMHSI). It was vlogging her daily experiences in Israel, sharing honest insight into life abroad with family and friends back in the states, that got her noticed. The AMHSI asked if they could use her vlog for promotional marketing. It was shortly after that the Minneapolis Jewish Federation approached her to write blogs for their website. This then led to the Twin Cities - TC Jewfolk approaching her to create a podcast. Hence "Spill the Soup" with Marley Comito began. A podcast offering insight to what it's like to be a teenager in today's times.

Even though she knew that the target audience of TC Jewfolk followers is a bit older than she was, she tried to think of ways that her podcast could as Marley states “serve as sort of a teen podcast for parents, young adults, or anyone else." The podcast consists of Marley's conversations with other teenagers (her friends) about common Gen-Z issues or predominant topics like social media, mental health, the pandemic, college search, and anything else related to teens. With a goal to connect to today’s teenagers and voices of Gen-Z in a unique and personal way, Marley intends to bridge the gap between teens and adults to tighten the disconnect.

Her podcast opened a lot of emotions to her life at a young age, sharing "The fear of being judged or disliked by your peers really does something to you (which is horrible, but the honest truth)." She was afraid that starting her own podcast would be seen as trying to be looked at as being more entitled than she actually is to other people, and “It totally freaked me out” Marley shared. For a long time, she hoped other kids at school wouldn’t make fun of her with their friends, or cringe at what she was trying to do because she was not a celebrity or had a big platform. But then something pivotal happened. At that point in time, she knew the only one who is going to look out for her own happiness in the end was herself, and she wouldn't allow others to interfere with that. She had a platform that wanted to share her thoughts, from a teen's perspective, and so she set out to create the first episode. Her initial thoughts were that the podcast had to be great: a podcast sharing true information into the life of today’s teenagers. "I thought there was no better place to start than talking about social media or technology and helping other teens and their parents. So that episode was mainly about how we, as teens, separate the “social media world” from the real one, and I invited two of my good friends on that who I knew (1) would be a great dynamic conversation-wise and (2) that I knew had some opposing viewpoints about the topic which I thought would be interesting to emphasize throughout the episode." What really made this episode so special was the vulnerability, honesty, and authenticity that I felt my friends and I did a great job of expressing. The whole episode was like listening in on one of our phone calls, just a flowing conversation of information and input by teenage girls, which is exactly how I wanted the intentions of my podcast to be." She didn’t intend to necessarily be interviewing them, just asking thought-provoking discussion questions." It was at this moment when Marley felt the universe was watching over her. Many of her friends and others at school took notice and started complimenting her because they could relate to the topics she discussed. One big component Marley does is she shares the experience of recording, editing, and producing with her friends: from the planning process to the final edit. "I carefully decide which friends would be best for each podcast topic, the ones, who would bring authenticity and honesty to that show. This way, my listeners know that they are truly getting a real insight into the thought process and discussion(s) between teenagers about diversified and relevant topics."

With college in the horizon as a Journalism major, Marley intends to continue her podcast. Because it’s simply themed as the “life of a teenager” right now, she has ideas of transforming it into "life of a college student", talking about each lesson she’ll learn - independence, college life, and all the things that go with living away from home. She views her podcast, vlogging and blogging as steppingstones towards her dream to someday work in the entertainment or media industry. She credits her podcast as helping lead her on the right path career-wise. "I think this podcast has really given me the extra confidence boost or encouragement to continue following my dreams and has taught me that if I work hard enough, good things will always follow.”

When you listen to "Spill the Soup", you immediately feel Marley’s warm personality and how it connects with others. The one thing that truly stands out is her passion to address topics and give an honest observation, from a generation that has a voice that wants to be heard. With Marley as a voice, I’m sure her podcast will grow into a much greater conversation and will definitely segue into more opportunities within the media industry. It will be a pleasure to see what holds next for her.

Alexa Fischer: Host of Wishbeads Podcast

Funny, Honest, Amazing Conversations with Customers, Friends and Fans

Alexa Fischer is the host of the Wishbeads Podcast and Founder/CEO of Wishbeads,. She is a celebrity actress, featured in Forbes Woman, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Aspire and Authority Magazine, speaker and the author of “WishWork: Make a Wish, Do the Work, and Watch it Come True.

Alexa has a unique adventure that she calls her life. After graduating from Yale School of Drama she went on to become a recognized actress seen on many TV shows. It was one day on set when she had a climactic moment (talk about TV drama). She decided she was going to walk away from acting; she felt a sense of time being wasted and needed to do more to feel fulfilled. She became a confidence coach helping clients, audiences and students become communicators – in person, on the stage and of course in front of the camera. When you are confident you give off energy that everyone around can feel, and that secret power affords you endless possibilities. Then Alexa founded Wishbeads, that is more than an intention-setting jewelry company. Each bracelet helps people explore their inner power and create the exact life they were meant to live. You write down your wishes on a tiny note, tuck it inside your bracelet and watch how you create that wish.

Through the Wishbeads Podcast Alexa has been able to share the stories from people who had seen amazing results from wearing their Wishbeads. She engulfs in a deep and fun conversation with a different guest (friend, customer or fan) each week highlighting her guests' journey and how they are manifesting their wish, or many wishes. Her radiant personality shines through every episode as she speaks honestly with an open heart with each guest hoping to inspire those who listen to empower themselves. The podcast also provides self-help tips, advice for manifesting wishes allowing others to hear and see evidence of what is possible. You just have to believe. A fun fact: Alexa’s podcast is filmed inside her reissued 1961 Shasta Airflyte Trailer making for a very enjoyable episode…always.

As Alexa’s podcast has grown, so has her biggest wish, She adds “I want to create an event where one million people wish at once. I need to make it happen, to make this world a better place inspiring together, setting intentions collectively. We need to explore how powerful we all are on a journey together.” I have no doubt that Alexa will one day have a date set and a big event planned across the globe, for everyone to come together. Her intent has been put out into the universe. With the passion she has and heart to make this world better, that event will make for one great podcast!

Marla Goldberrg: Host of Guided Spirit Conversations

Helping Thousands Find Their Joy

Marla Goldberrg is the host of Guided Spirit Conversations podcast, which is now in the top 1% of all podcasts. As a world-renowned energy healer and speaker, she has been seen on Good Day Charlotte and The List, featured in Authority Magazine, Mantra Wellness, Thrive Global, Grit Daily, Grey Journal and heard on countless podcasts.

Marla's mission in life to inspire, motivate, and educate others, stems from her almost 20 years as an energy healer, intuitive, public speaker and life coach. Upon listening to her podcast, you immediately feel her kindred spirit and sincerity. Her life and spiritual path began during a difficult time in her life, when she was forced to assess her choices and decide which direction was needed for her to take. It was at a woman's conference she attended when everything came into focus. She connected with a speaker from the Inner Focus Mystery School and began training for her future. With gusto and the deep feeling for understanding she completed 20 healing modalities. All this preparation allowed her to use the tools and techniques she learned to help others connect with their energy systems within their own body.

With Marla's dynamic speaking ability and her supportive coaching methods, Marla’s continuation into podcasting was the natural choice. Her Guided Spirit Conversations podcast incorporates her array of concepts, ideals and teachings along with spiritual insights into each episode. With a strong devotion and willingness to share her story of her past, which included a low self esteem, and the techniques she learned to bring joy into her life and embrace the good that was to be found, is what resonates with her listeners. It's also her inviting personality and her guests'; renowned healers, metaphysicians and spiritual leaders from across the globe who motivate and enlighten listeners, by sharing their empowering stories. What truly stands out about Marla’s podcast is her dedicated attitude that helps people who are going through a life struggle, shift their circumstances to create a better outcome in their lives. She also connects with your past life and how it affects you today. Through her podcast she focuses on helping you turn around your life. She states, “People need to live from their heart, track their lives, and shift their life circumstances." She adds that people should be more grateful and acknowledge their gratefulness daily. Marla clarifies the paths people are on and how those paths will impact them at that moment or in the future. A topic that comes up is how people need to move away from their belief systems, if those beliefs are hindering them from growing. Through subtle healing: mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally, people can feel more alive and focused on living a better healthier life. After listening to a few of her episodes you begin to feel the shift and the healing that your body wants to embrace. You just need to open your heart and allow your body to do so.

With her best seller titled “My F*cking Long Journey To Loving Myself: A Guide to a Shorter Path” and a journal called “My Sacred Journal” helping others, I anticipate Marla will actively pursue more endeavors to bring love, inspiration and of course healing to many. And for that...I am grateful.

Joyce Shulman: Host of The Weekly Walk

Making Meaningful Changes in Your Life With 99 Walks

Photo Credit: Lauren Kress

Joyce Shulman, host of The Weekly Walk, has been featured in Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, and Prevention Magazine. She is the founder of 99 Walks, author of Walk Your Way to Better, veteran of the Tedx stage and frequent public speaker. Her journey to walking and inspiring others to walk through her podcast, started years ago when Joyce was in high school. It happened one day when she came home after a day at school in a bad mood (what triggered it she can’t remember), her dad telling her to take a walk, and Joyce coming back home feeling refreshed. It was from that day on that Joyce embarked on her path to walking and continues to do so today with friends, family. and the wonderful people who she's connected with.

After Joyce graduated from college she became a NYC Commercial Litigation Lawyer, and years later hit a pivotal moment in her life. She decided to leave her career as a lawyer to embark on what she felt was her calling: connecting with others, helping them live healthier lives and create a community that would support each other. She started 99 Walks so women could walk and connect with others as they went through different challenges life seems to present to us, and to not suffer through loneliness because we never really have to be alone. To date, her wellness and walking community has grown to over 15,000 members.

Her segue into podcasting was the perfect path (tying laces together) to align with her the 99 Walks APP. She has co-hosted over 100 podcast episodes of The Weekly Talk with her husband Eric, sharing their opinions on topics ranging from tips to creating the life you want (why walking is magic for your body) to fun subjects like wet socks and bare feet. When you listen in to one of their podcasts you are always met with not just one but two welcoming personalities, lending the feeling you are chatting with your favorite neighbor. Joyce shared their prep routine, “We decide on the theme, prepare the outline, write bullet points, bring out the duct tape and get ready to start the podcast. Our podcasts are each 30 minutes long.” But Joyce doesn’t just host a podcast, she also hosts “Walk and Talks” with fitness enthusiasts and entrepreneurs too, hoping to inspire those tuning in.

When you talk with Joyce you get the feeling that there is another path waiting for her to walk on and create something special to empower people everywhere. I might just try to walk by her one day in hopes she’ll ask me to walk the path beside her, because It’s who she is. Maybe then I’ll learn the secret to her next endeavor while walking off a few calories and feeling good.

Mariann Yip: Host of The City Confessions

Where Real New Yorkers Share Their Truths and Stories

Mariann Yip is a lifestyle and travel blogger and podcast host of The City Confessions from NYC. A native New Yorker, she invites and interviews people living in NYC to share their truths and their stories for others to be inspired and learn about. Her journey to being a podcaster began on the subway, the mode of transportation that connects people from all backgrounds: the melting pot bringing together NYC residents, if only for a few stops but with many stories and confessions to tell.

Mariann states “I have created my platform to be a safe space for guests to come on and be real, to celebrate their achievements, as well as open up about their lows.” All of her guests are from diverse backgrounds with no two ever having the same perspectives as the others. They open the lens on their cameras of life and share their city adventures so can feel connected. Many guests have talked about their health and offer wellness tips for leading a healthy lifestyle in the city of skyscrapers. Mariann continues “My main mission is to normalize pain, struggles and vulnerabilities and my running theme is having each guest share a confession, which gives either a light or deep insight to who they are and how they experience NYC."

Currently on her 5th season, third year hosting her podcast Mariann has her own stories to share, and she does, with a willingness to open up about her own traumas she’s pushed through and might still be working through. She adds “ I myself hold onto trauma and understand and connect with people living with pain” One of her stand out episodes (# 42) is when she revealed her biggest health confession, journey and struggle. When listening to this episode you feel Mariann’s pain and truly understand why she continues to have more followers each day as they are drawn to her undeniably sincere nature. Mariann shares "I am sharing my biggest health confession, which I have been holding in for the last three years. I share my story in the hopes that I am able to inspire you all to be comfortable with pain, vulnerability and life's struggles. This was a difficult episode for me to record because I am absolutely open, raw and honest with not only my feelings, but what I went through and how it affected me then and how it affects me now. I believe in timing and I know in my soul, that it time to finally share my truth and my journey so I can use it to do good in the world. I wanted that as my final episode for 2019, so I could ring in the new year with new projects and welcome a new chapter in my life and a bright future." When you listen to this episode you connect with Mariann and want to know more about the people she’s met who live in the great place called NYC.

Mariann looks to the future with lots of love. On a recent solo episode, closing out season 5 of her podcast, Mariann teased her listeners about the book she is writing referencing dating experiences in NYC. With an expected release date set for later in the year, I’ll definitely need to grab a copy to get the scoop and confessions that are sure to engage.

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