Women Podcasters Rocking It in 2021!

Updated: May 9

Two-Part Series: Showcasing Wonderfully Talented Women Podcasters Who Are Making Their Mark in the World of Podcasting

It’s no secret that podcasts have gained more popularity than ever, with so many of them being produced and hosted by women. Listeners seek out women-led podcasts for valuable inspiration, motivation, and access to some of the most blazing personalities representing distinctive topics from different fields. This Two -Part Series “Women Podcasters Rocking It in 2021” showcases some of these wonderfully talented women podcasters who are influencing from their hearts while harnessing their strengths and differences to stand out. And stand out they do! I spoke with each of the podcast hosts to share the short version of who they are. Each shares her take on why she started her podcast and what’s next for her.

Part One: 6 Women Podcast Hosts You Should Be Listening to Right Now!

The first article in this series features 6 women podcast hosts you should be listening to right now. Their show topics are unique, and each is formatted a little different from the others, but they all share superpower traits that connect, engage, and enlighten their listeners. They are all optimistic go getters, not afraid to stand up for what they believe in, pursuing their passion, all while caring about others. They’re listed in alphabetical order because there’s no way to grade them on their extraordinary personalities.

Demetria L. Graves: Host of Legally Uncensored with Demetria L. Graves Helping People Navigate The Legal System

Photo Credit Pasadena Weekly

Demetria L. Graves is a respected Family Law Specialist, Founder of The Graves Law Firm, author of the soon to be released book titled “When Women Run The Firm” and host of the podcast “Legally Uncensored with Demetria L. Graves”. She has been featured in Pasadena Weekly, Voyage LA and most recently in the Spring 2021 issue of Professional Woman’s Magazine. She is also the recipient of numerous awards including the Los Angeles Business Journals Most Influential Minorities: Attorney’s List. Demetria has been a practicing attorney since age 24 and opened her practice in 2005. As time went on, she wanted to make sure her mission would be heard; to help others navigate the legal system and to truly learn how to separate emotions, when going through divorce doing what’s right for your children. To do this she knew she had to be more visible and heard outside her core community, offering people advice on how to best handle legal challenges when they present themselves. This was when she decided to launch her podcast “Legally Uncensored with Demetria L. Graves”. It would prove to be the media avenue that would allow her voice to connect on a genuine level with listeners across the globe regarding all family law matters. It has also become a great platform for Demetria to share and interpret the latest celebrity legal headlines in detail. She does this so people can understand how “not” to get to the point so many celebrities have gotten to and help others see things differently. Her advice is one she consistently repeats “Don’t keep beating the pavement as it’s going to take you that much longer to come to an agreement.”

As a highly respected attorney, Demetria knows the exact flow chart to follow always receiving accolades for her integrity. But upon starting her podcast she faced one big challenge - getting people to know she existed and tune in to her show. With her strong dedicated personality, she pushed forward sharing practical legal tips and educating listeners while speaking the truth about reasonable expectations. She adds "The most pivotal moment is getting your audience to trust you and try your tips. Some listeners are of course skeptical because of differing information or what may be presented in the media. The more tips provided over several episodes the more trust is built.” So, this is exactly what has happened and continues to happen for Demetria. Her podcast is being recognized and on path to align with Demetria’s law practice, guiding clients and listeners through the legal process. With each episode you get the feeling Demetria is sitting across from you, as her conversation is just that…a conversation with just the right checklist of key steps to consider with family law issues.

With her busy schedule, Demetria offered up a typical podcasting day: rise at 5AM, grab a cup of tea, dress attire chosen, do a mic sound check, look over script, practice your eye contact, tape two episodes then off to the office. When you tune in to Legally Uncensored with Demetria L. Graves, you learn more about her and her praiseworthy motives. You cannot help but wonder when another path will present itself asking for her to be a voice connecting with those who want and need to listen. Be assured, she “will” be ready to walk that path guiding others with her warm-hearted advice. For now, she will keep committed to bringing stories to the frontline making sure everyone knows the tips and legalities that are being faced every day. She also looks forward to new divorce episodes from the male perspective, which should lead to many new conversations and listeners.

Aruna Krishnan: Host of Lead That Thing Empowering Women to Be Unstoppable

Aruna Krishnan of Lead That Thing podcast is on a mission to continue empowering women to be unstoppable in their lives, businesses and careers. She has been featured in numerous publications including Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, and WomLEAD. In 2021, WomELLE magazine named her one of the Top 25 Women to follow for Women's History month.

Her interest in mindfulness coupled with her experience as an Information Technology leader led her on her journey from being a strategy consultant and author of 3 best-selling books (another on the horizon) to starting a podcast. It was the interviews she shared about the many wonderful people she met, that inspired Aruna to start her Lead That Thing podcast. She realized all the information she acquired and wanting to help others develop leadership skills would make for great podcast quality episodes. Hence, as she quotes “I had an accidental transition into the podcasting world with my first six guest leads coming from those I interviewed for the books I wrote”.

Aruna truly loves what she does and shared how she preps before each podcast episode “I make myself a cup of green tea to perk myself up and clear my throat and next I dress up a little to make an occasion of it!” Then on with keeping her mission statement alive. This mission began when she made a transition with her own life, one she continues to encourage through her podcast, helping people find hope and help them find happiness while navigating through their challenges. It was when Aruna reached her third podcast season titled “From Fear to Freedom” that she approached a defining moment and decided to focus on empowering women, so they did not have to go through the obstacles she faced alone and pushed through. So, began her reach to connect with women going through various aspects of their lives. Near end of Season 3 Aruna changed the style of her podcast and adopted a narrative style podcast specifically laying out a 5-step process for personal transformation with different guests sharing their stores of transformation. This pivotal moment occurred when listeners began reaching out to her sharing how her podcast episodes truly resonated with them. With Season 4 in full swing Aruna continues her podcast’s focus on woman empowerment, their journeys, and how they are helping others become empowered. It’s the season called “From Unsure to Unstoppable”

Unstoppable Aruna truly is, as she has taken on another project. She is currently working on her fourth book alongside her teen daughter. She hopes that through their stories and different perspectives she can help other moms and their daughters navigate their own mother/daughter relationships and grow a bond that is unbreakable. Who knows…there might just be another podcast Aruna needs to cultivate. This time with her daughter.

Amy Lang: Host of Just Say This! Helping Adults Openly and Confidently Talk to Their Kids About Sex

Photo Credit: Tara Gimmer

Amy Lang has been a sexuality and parenting expert for over 25 years, and whose keen knowledge has abetted her to be a regular guest on multiple media outlets and she is frequently quoted in print and online. With her fun, smart and bold personality she connects with parents and professionals offering no nonsense information and bold advice. She’s been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Salon.com, CNN, The Atlantic and the Seattle Times.

As an author of two books and the creator of Birds & Bees & Kids, a great interactive resource website and consulting company

for parents and professionals, Amy is always in demand as a sought-after speaker, who loves working with parents and professionals. Her calling as she says "To help every kid grow up to be a whole and healthy human by educating their parents and those they look up to about how to have kick-ass conversations about sexuality.”

Amy’s segue into podcasting began in 2018, after thinking to herself and saying, “It's time. I love to give people advice, and wouldn’t it be fun to do an advice-column style podcast?” With that said she started her podcast Just Say This! Initially she dropped an episode every other week and now drops a show every week. Her podcast takes topics most adults feel uncomfortable talking about and makes them easy and approachable. The topics themselves come from questions and advice queries from everyday people who reach out to Amy for help.

Amy shared one noteworthy episode that stands out to her. It was when a mom reached out asking for advice about her 12-year-old daughter who was Googling BDSM and was expressing interest in this lifestyle. She was starting to wear clothing that was more adult-like and reading and her parents weren’t sure how to handle her interest. It is definitely one Amy will never forget.

What stands out about her podcast is the approach Amy takes in answering questions. Her direct answers and candid advice sometimes include swearing and ranting and this is why her listeners continue to tune in. They hear her speak from the heart. She does not believe in having guests on her show unless she thinks another expert in the field would be good for the conversation. Heck, after her podcast is taped, she doesn't go back and listen to it again.

With her podcast growing each day, in 2020 Amy decided to add Chirps - short scripts to use when talking about specific topics - to her podcast lineup. Then something happened. Her listeners loved them and now more than ever her following has become more of a community wanting to learn more. She said, “People love the weekly Chirp. I’m always getting good feedback from it.”

Amy looks forward to the future with excitement and her podcast has led her to write yet another book, a book of Chirps. With so much content regarding a topic that people still have difficulty communicating about with their kids, I’m sure Amy will no doubt be in demand for a very long time. With that said, the next time you attend a family, woman or any conference, turn to the stage because Amy Lang will no doubt be up there, microphone in hand, offering up advice with her casual, lively and very outspoken personality.

Neeley Neal: Host of The Neeley Neal Show Keeping You Fired Up and Living Life Full Out!

Photo Credit: Claudia Johnstone

Neeley Neal is a former NFL cheerleader (Arizona Cardinals, cheered at a Superbowl), tech career woman, entrepreneur, creator of Go Fit Win, mom of 4(set of triplets) and the host of The Neeley Neal Show. Like others she wears many hats for the many roles she plays daily. After 10 years of being retired from the NFL sidelines, and despite many life blessings – she felt disconnected, unfulfilled, and not as vibrant as she once was. It was at this point she started her Go Fit Win community, for former cheerleaders and dancers, which led to launching and hosting The Neeley Neal Show podcast. Through both outlets she shares tools, tips, and inspiration to women who want to reconnect with themselves & a community that lifts each other: reclaiming one’s natural superpowers. Her show helps women in any season of life to stay fired up, and live life full out!

Neeley had a decisive moment when she picked up the microphone to hit record on the first episode of her show. It was at that moment she knew that she was ready to pursue this platform and connect with other women struggling with the same challenges she was going through. She got organized, time blocked her schedule, asked for help on her ‘podcasting nights’ and made it happen. Neeley adds, “The impact of my decision - to go full out and pursue an outlet that brought me personal joy outside of being a wife, mom or career woman - has inspired others to do the same. Seeing that positive ripple effect build up has far exceeded my expectations of what’s possible with the power of a podcast!”

Keeping with living life full out, Neeley shared how she preps before recording in her podcast, ‘locker room’, “I do the same “warmup” routine as I did on Game Days as an NFL Cheerleader before heading out into the stadium tunnel - a 60 second dance party! In my podcast “locker room” I crank up a jam and do some freestyle dancing to calm my nerves, get the blood pumping and energy flowing, so that I can show up with clarity and enthusiasm for the big show!”

Neeley looks to the future with a positive mindset, getting ready to host an In-Person cheer camp bringing together other past cheerleaders, talking about their tryouts, life as a cheerleader and how that helped manifest their paths to where they are today. She says, “We don’t have to be a one note personality.” Even if you weren’t a professional cheerleader, we all need someone to cheer for us, so tuning into The Neeley Neal Show might be just what you need to “Stay Fired Up”. I'd say bring on the Pom Poms!

Rebeca Seitz: Producer/Host of The Flamingo Family and Freevangelic | Writer, Producer, and Director of Scripted Podcasts

Enlightening and Educating| Capturing imaginations, Escaping Into The Story Experience

Rebeca Seitz has been involved in entertainment, publicity, and marketing for over 17 years. In 2019 she became the Founder, President and CEO of 1C Production which allows her to produce and host multiple podcast talk shows and scripted stories that influence and educate listeners. She is a writer, producer, communications professional and innovator who has been interviewed or featured on NPR, CNN, Huffington Post Live, The Glenn Beck Show, The Blaze, The Washington Times, WorldNetDaily, FOX News, and others. Rebeca loves family, rejoices in story and is always chasing truth. This is seen through her production company's focus on creating thoughtful media and helping others, especially in specific communities. She started two of her shows: Flamingo Family and Freevangelic to have open discussions and share her perspectives through content related to topics near and dear to her heart: family and faith journeys. Soon after, with her writing background, it was only natural that Rebeca followed with producing a collection of scripted stories to offer people the chance to escape from staring at a screen, and instead open their imaginations. Rebeca states, “Stories hold enormous power. My goal is to put that power toward positive ends.” Then came another idea, her creation of PodPair, a product in a box that pairs treats and hobbies with stories. Each box is delivered to your home filled with goodies designed to engage you fully into the story experience. It could be the same food and drink the characters enjoy and even clue kits for mystery shows. What better way to listen to a podcast and leave refreshed and renewed?

With Rebeca’s talk show podcasts, scripted podcasts and her PodPair packages getting great reviews, she continues to look to the future with new ideas. “ When I started 1C, though, I decided right from the start to allow things to happen in their own time and way, finding contentment in doing the work before me and allowing that work to naturally lead into the next step. Building a company this way has (so far) been way more fun. It’s also given space for things to happen that I could’ve never dreamt.” As she continues building upon the half-dozen shows and 70+ episodes in the 1C podcast library so far, Rebeca is also in talks with a couple of distributors to adapt her scripted podcasts into tv series or maybe even a few films. Two such scripted podcasts, Making The Cut and Grandma Rambo both bring you so close to the characters making for a deep connection and understanding of the external factors they are going through. The Grandma Rambo podcast and Chocolate and Joy podcast are ones she especially wants to see develop more. If you have not listened in yet you need to do so. Grandma Rambo is about a grandma who leaves Naples, Florida and goes on an adventure to the mountains and jungles of Nagaland, India. You can pair it with the PodPair box, which includes a puzzle you get to build as Grandma navigates her most wonderful adventures of life. Chocolate and Joy is a charming, small-town romantic comedy whose episodes are focused on holidays and milestones. Episodes for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are already out, with more coming for wedding and birth celebrations.

Brittny Wilson: Host of The Nonprofit Reframe Undervalued, Under-Resourced and Unrelenting Nonprofits and Their Staff

An experienced non-profit expert, with a concentration in fundraising programs and consulting, Brittny Wilson, VP of Development and Marketing for a nonprofit in Colorado, has been featured in Sticker Giant and Authority Magazine. With over 20 years of involvement, primarily with local and regional non-profit organizations, Brittny is also the co-host for The Nonprofit Reframe podcast. Her personality and character allow a genuine voice with a touch of levity on behalf of the non-profit sector. Her segue into podcasting with the popular The Nonprofit Reframe podcast grew out of her daily chats with friend, colleague and now podcast co-host Nia Wassink. Brittny knew the everyday obstacles and realities her and Nia faced in the non-profit industry, along with the often-hidden topics others in that sector chose to not discuss, would make for great podcast discussions. As Brittny says “So, in 2019 my co-host Nia, she does all the producing, and I went for it and knew we had to stay consistent. It is really hard when we write and sometimes exploit facts. We then say how are we going to one it up?” The podcast series never fails at offering an honest, insightful, and sometimes humorous look inside the world of fundraising, philanthropy and nonprofits.

Brittny shared a noteworthy episode with us titled White Saviors and Nonprofits. It was a topic that she felt needed dialogue but was also her scariest one to produce. It touched upon how certain people are usually the ones who get involved with nonprofits thinking they are doing good, helping the less fortunate. “One thing some people don’t understand is that they get involved with a specific approach or as missionaries. Unfortunately they are not truly understanding of the ways and real problems other cultures and people of different colors are living through.” This episode is a must listen…discussing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Nonprofit Reframe has many more episodes to produce and the engagement level Brittny has created, will continue to connect with other people in the nonprofit sector. Most listeners feel like they are sitting with Brittny and Nia in a room together dishing on issues so important and dear to their hearts. When asked what’s next, Brittny quickly said “To gain more national exposure, and of course monetization would be great!” Something tells me The Nonprofit Reframe podcast will become a national name with Brittny continuing to challenge the status quo. Once you listen in to an episode, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Now that I’ve introduced you to superpower women podcasters you should be listening to, check back soon, to meet more “Women Podcasters Rocking It in 2021”

Part-Two “5 Standout Women Podcasters Making Their Mark”

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