Podcasting: The Booming Era

Updated: Feb 15

The New Selected Way to Find News, Share Content, Build Opportunities and Be Engaged Anytime Anywhere!

Traditional Media

TV, radio and even print are still the medium where people turn to for news and creative content. But watch out because the podcast "Booming Era” has arrived and podcasts are proving to be that worthy opponent to traditional media.

So why is it that podcasts, that have been around for over 15 years, are now running a tight race alongside the Big Guys? Could it be that it is not just a podcast anymore but creative content that is being repurposed in so many ways on so many platforms keeping listeners wanting for more.

New Podcasts Every Day

Podcasting is not yet where traditional media is, but it has gone from the unnoticed little guy to a respected ally that continues to show its strengths and is not going away anytime soon. New podcasts with new ideas pop up every day across the many platforms available, reaching people across the globe. And, that one podcast alone offers a gamut of opportunities that continues to grow. No wonder it’s progressing, and the trend can only keep going up and up!

Topics That Continue To Grow

Although we have so many options available on traditional media, podcasts are the platform where things get very specific, with niche markets popping up all the time. Podcasts touch upon anything you can imagine and presented in so many ways because of the wonderful personalities bringing you those topics. All you need is to search one word and you’re connected to a scope of possibilities.

Guests And Brand Opportunities

As it is harder to connect and be invited onto traditional media, podcasts are the selected avenue expert guests, personal brands and brands are searching out. They know podcasts are the quickest and most efficient way to gain visibility and more awareness about who or what their brand is about. Podcasts help reach targeted markets and establish credibility quicker, leading to closing new sales and speaking engagements. And, being a guest on a podcast is really a speaking engagement. Let us not forget about the pre taping and post show publicity, guests and brands receive too.

Listening Convenience

At the present time, with a world that is ever so fast -moving, podcasts are created to meet the needs accommodating the way we live. They are educational and entertaining shows that can be downloaded and listened to whenever and wherever … always on demand. If you like a specific podcast episode you can listen to it many times later and in the convenience of your own home, at work, commuting or while traveling to your favorite destination. You can even watch it with friends or family which sparks a fun conversation or deep discussions.

Engagement That Engulfs You

One thing is for sure, podcasts tell stories. Sometimes it’s the host sparking an interest, inspiring you with a topic or a guest sharing their journey and message to where they are now. Listening to a story that you connect with, without any interruptions, is surely something we all yearn for. This is what will keep us tuning into the next podcast episode that follows. Storytelling at its best!

Some people may argue that podcasting is not where others think it is. The listen numbers and subscriptions are not slowing down. One thing you cannot argue about is that once you have listened to that one podcast, you might be hooked. And so, the race continues…

Felicia Luca: Is the Creator and Managing Director of Band Ambassador Select and Select Podcast Guests. She is responsible for setting the vision, driving the growth and managing both divisions.

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