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Updated: May 9

Today more than ever, everyone who’s anyone has a podcast. It runs the gamut from crazy neighbor and grandma to celebrities and politicians. You can tune in to any podcast any time of the day or night and hear someone’s brilliant or comical thoughts and ideas. It’s no wonder everyone wants in on this growing media that has gone mainstream.

But with so many podcasts available for one to listen to, you need to have a good marketing plan which includes promotional merchandise to make sure your podcast is noticed and remembered. Think about when you see someone wearing a T-shirt with a logo or name on it. That branded message is being seen by everyone that person passes during their day. So even if only one person who saw your name or logo decides to google search your podcast and takes a listen and starts following you, then one small investment was a great lead. A lead that came from your name traveling circles of people.

Let’s also ponder about how many times you’ve opened your junky draw, and we all have one, searching for that pen or notepad you received at a past convention. It’s funny because you actually remember the logo or name on them. This is why pens, lip balm, buttons, mouse pads and all promotional merchandise are so important to help spread the word about your podcast. Sometimes it’s not your logo but a quote you created that represents your podcasts’ message too. If that quote goes viral your podcast can soar due to the compounding effect of organic growth. Remember it only took one person who wore your

T-shirt, connected with another and ultimately shared your name with their friends.

One person who knows a lot about promotional merchandising is Adrienne Barker, of www.AdrienneBarker.com She says “When podcasts meet promotional products it creates Power in Numbers”. She shares her thoughts below.

When Podcasts Meet Promotional Products It Creates Power in Numbers

Promotional Products have been around for years and have created value in every marketing plan. For years, logo merchandise was only given half a page in marketing books, usually falling behind radio and newspaper ads. But times are changing, including branded merchandise with one of the newest advertising forms: podcasts and live streaming.

The history of promotional products goes a long way back. The first promotional item in US history was a Photo Credit: Adrienne Barker commemorative button made for George Washington in the election of 1789. Due to his campaign’s success, promotional items like almanacs, calendars, rules, and wood specialties slowly became available.

Together, both Promotional Products and Podcasts can give marketing professionals a double bank for their buck. Podcasts have become so popular that PodcastHosting.org states that their research as of November 2020 shows over 1,500,000 podcasts and over 34 million episodes. They say that 81% of podcast listeners pay attention to podcast ads.

According to The Advertising Specialty Institute® (ASI), which in February 2020, North American promotional products distributors increased sales to a record of $25.8 billion in 2019, up 4.7% from 2018, and breaking a distributor sales record for the 10th consecutive year. Let’s talk about combining both for Power in Marketing. Many people love to use promotional products during their day, and how many of you use a webcam cover and have imprinted sticky notes all over your office. Just take a second to look around and find your favorite logo printed pen and before you leave your house, be sure to fill up your coffee in a branded travel mug or logoed sports bottle. Many companies give away wonderful hand sanitizers, sunscreen, highlighters, earbuds, and more, and we eagerly grab them, knowing if we cannot use them, we have friends who would love to use them. Promotional products have evolved, and new products are created when there is a need. These days, promotional product distributors offer lighted logo gifts to make sure you stand out during the virtual meetings. Combining both promo products and podcasts will allow the listener to engage in the conversation and, if planned correctly, can even impact if you mail out a gift to your podcast audience that can be opened during the podcast. Sponsors will be happy to pay for the privilege of “giving it away” to your audience, and they can immediately see ROI during and after the podcast. Combine a podcast with a hashtag such as #showusyourcoasters can create excitement and help increase viewership and generate emails and a good old fashion mailing list. The ideas are in the thousands, so podcasters should always make sure they have at least a few promo merchandise on hand.


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