How Staying Healthy Makes For A Happier Podcast Lifestyle

Updated: Feb 15

2020 was quite the year challenging the status quo and led to us thinking about our lives while staying safe and healthy. We had to shift our focus away from everyday routines to more contemplative thoughts and embracing people who really mattered. Reflection was the word of 2020 for so many people.

For veteran podcasters producing great content never stopped. For new podcasters there was an audience waiting to hear from them. The one thing that was universal and discussed on so many podcasts was how people were making healthier lifestyles changes by staying active, getting adequate sleep, saving, enjoying, spending, staying connected, eating healthier and learning new hobbies like ice fishing!

I asked four podcast hosts, three questions each, about their 2020 podcast year, a podcast breakthrough that led to a great show and how they intend to live a healthier lifestyle in 2021. They share their insights and tips so you can think about your podcast year ahead.

How do you intend to live a healthier and happier podcast lifestyle this year?

Ina Coveney | The Global Phenomenon

Staying Healthy in 2020

I'm sure that a lot more podcasters out there will relate to the fact that 2020 was not a great year for self-care! Instead of adding wellness pressures to myself, I focused on my mental health. Keeping a sound mind and positive attitude through 2020 with a busy business to run, being under the same roof as my spouse 24/7 (I love him, but it's a change!), and 2 kids running around, I needed to keep calm and carry on! And make sure to never miss a talk therapy appointment.

Photo credit: Mira Whiting

A Podcast Breakthrough That Led To a Great Podcast Episode

Sometimes throwing away the rulebook pays off. I was interviewing a big name in my industry, and I could tell that her energy was not all there. The events of 2020 had affected her greatly. So while I kept the conversation on track for most of the episode, I just had to throw my notes away and ask her how she was feeling. Right there, in front of her microphone, she started to cry. She needed that release, and being on a stuffy interview was not her first choice that day. We walked away with a virtual hug and a much greater compassion and appreciation for each other as human beings.

Living a Healthier and Happier Podcast Lifestyle

2020 shocked us with its sudden nature. We were on a freight train that hit a wall all by surprise. 2021 may not offer the same freedoms as we had before the pandemic, but now we know what to expect! In 2021 I'll be planning my family's and my meals, making sure to get out and walk around the block every day, and if I fall off the wagon, I'll just get right back up and try again the next day. It's a time to give ourselves a little grace, and start to see the future for what it is: full of incredible possibilities.