The Ideal Guest For Your Podcast. It Takes Time

Updated: May 9

Finding a guest for your podcast is not just about finding the guest, it is about finding the ideal guest who will bring something complimentary to your podcast. This can often be one of the biggest challenges a podcaster or host will have, finding that niche guest and knowing they will fit with your show’s message.

So how do you decide who is a good match and who is not? And does it actually take time to find guests? Well, as many podcasters have done, when you launch a podcast you usually invite your friends or people you know from your network on as guests for your show. You know they will appear and follow your lead to get your show started. Then as time goes on, you rain in on the niche market you want to be recognized for and want to establish your credibility within. This is when things shift and you really take the time to vet out guests. One thing is for sure, you don’t want to invite guests on your podcast within the same topics, too often, and you definitely don’t want to cover something that is out of your podcasts area of conversation.

Know What Your Podcast Represents & Research Your Ideal Guest

Candi Teutonico, Brand Ambassador Select’s Podcast Relationship Manager shares her thoughts and a few tips on finding the ideal podcast guest.

As I have grown our list of guests over the months, one thing that needs to be established early on is to know what your podcast represents. If you have no direction for the podcast, then you are just producing content and having guests on but will never grab your niche market audience. And remember, a niche audience plays a big role when inviting future guests, to that topic of interest, on your podcast. It assures that all guests will be heard by their target consumer or customer.

I also know that it is worth the extensive research across many sites to find the perfect guest. This proves over and over to be so helpful to weed out guests who are not a fit for your target market. It also shows your guests you did your homework and they will be happy knowing you were very selective hence, setting a precedence for the quality of your podcast. Learning about the pull a guest has with audiences on their social platforms is also a good indicator of their influence too so letting them know, from the start, that it is their message on your platform, is very important. This will help when you request for the guest to follow your socials and subscribe to your podcast. After all you do want your guests to push out their podcast episode to their followers.

With just a few tweaks here and there the quality of guests and the guest’s impression of a podcast can make for a successful podcast episode. Always ensure your podcast guests are a perfect fit offering great content that will engage your listeners because the goal is to build your audience and establish your podcast as an authority in your chosen niche market.


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