Early on I knew that I had a passion for helping people with their finances. Mathematics always came easy to me and managing money was a natural outlet for me. I learned a lot watching my family go through and overcome their own financial struggles. I made a promise that I would create a financially stable future for myself. However, after receiving my undergraduate degree and taking on a massive amount of student debt, my plan was threatened. My loan payments were high and as an entry level employee in the corporate world, my salary was not. Despite this, I was able to create a financial plan that worked for me. I learned how to create an effective budget, save for the future and manage the flows of my money. I even went back to school to get an MBA with a concentration in Finance. When I look back on my life I see how blessed I have been to learn the financial lessons I did early on. Now I want help others learn to create the financial life they always wanted. I created the DebtGo app to end the world’s debt crisis and to create a financially literate society. I wanted to give people a fun and easy way to learn about finance, that rewarded them for their efforts. That’s why we help our users by paying off their debt, just for learning. I wasn’t satisfied with the debt repayment options out there. There was always a fees, mountains of paper work and to many rules. With DebtGo people now have an option to pay down their debt for free.

Background Information

Topics I Will Discuss

1. Becoming Financially Free
2. Saving For Retirement
3. Planning For Life After College
4. Focusing on your goals to success
5. Family and Debt

6. Consumer Debt
7.Building a Budget
8.Credit Score and What it Really Means

Interview Questions

1. How did you build your career?
2. Tell us about DebtGo App. How does it work?
3. What kind of Debts qualify?
4. Did you have debt and that inspired you to build DebtGo App?
5. How do users obtain money from DebtGo?
6. What’s the end goal for DebtGo? Is there another App coming?
7. What’s the first step to becoming financially free and on a debt free journey?
8. How do you suggest bringing up a debt conversation with a significant other?
9. How do you want to educate not just your peers, but the youth of today?
10. What advice can you share with others to not get into debt?

Ernest Pereira


As an American entrepreneur my goal is to teach as many people as I can about finance and help them avoid and stay out of debt.



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