My story is a dream come true. Hard work and dedication are the key to success. Starting out at the age of 16 was not the easiest. I was striving for bigger and better without the support from my peers and that really hurt. At that time, my peers were focused on parties and dating while I was focused on starting my career. (it is never too early to begin). I started out by getting an internship at Goom Radio, an internet radio station in Jersey City looking right over the Hudson. My first day of work when we went around introducing ourselves, the head boss immediately asked the hiring manager why he hired a HS Junior in front of all staff. The hiring manager said, "Because I liked her, liked her passion and her ambition." This was an incredible opportunity that I could not mess up. Once my internship was over, I decided to create my own show called Teen Groove On The Move, an internet show on Blog Talk Radio, and from then it hasn't stopped. The show grew into a franchise spanning radio, publishing (wrote a book to inspire my fellow peers - "How To Be A Teen On The Move", motivational speaking - traveled across the U.S.A. inspiring my generation to get out and be their best selves, hosting events, producing, directing, writing and co-hosting a TV show - Keeping Up With Cool!, for local cable channels and streamed on ROKU throughout NJ and cities across the country. While attending Montclair State University, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Television & Digital Media, I landed a weekend jock position on B98.5 and quickly became the midday personality on Fun107.1. After a little over a year I moved back to B98.5 to co-host their morning show - now the #1 Jersey Shore Morning Show. A few months back I helped launch and continue to host the Brand Ambassador Select Podcast where I connect with a new audience and help showcase industry leaders and experts.



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1.How to set Millenials and Gen X up for success
2.How to recognize opportunities, even if not in your niche market
3.What it takes to break into the media industry
4.Teens need to be ambitious and set their goals now
5.Obstacles teens and young adults face when reaching for their goals

6.Let's talk about next year
7.Why thinking about leaving a legacy at a young age matters
8.Why prepping for any interview means so much



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1.How do you prepare for an interview?
2.How do you ensure your work is accurate and factual?
3.How important is the use of each social media platform?
4.How do you keep up with social media trends?
5.How do you stay relevant in changing demographics?
6.How important is your personal brand?
7.How do you feel social media has impacted all other media outlets?
8.What inspired you to take this career path?
9.What 3 things does anyone starting in your industry need to know?
10.What's the importance of repurposing content?

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