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Get booked on different podcasts and be recognized as an expert in your niche market while sharing your journey to success.


Your profile is a Media One-Sheet with a backlink to your website. It highlights why you're a great guest and easy to share with other media outlets...great SEO. 

Weekly Feature

A different guest is featured every week on our website's homepage. This brings your brand to the forefront hence ... more visibility.

Unlimited Opportunities

Members are privy to podcasting, corporate and niche live events. Invitations to appear on stages drives business relationships and collaborations.

Blog Opportunities 

We invite our guests to contribute to our community blog posts. This helps you be recognized more as an industry leader and celebrity.

More Exposure

Members are featured on our private Facebook group and showcased in our bi-monthly email reaching more brand messengers. Your also featured on Brand Ambassador Select’s social platforms.


 Simply said... to connect with the people who are waiting to meet you!

You have a great business, an inspiring story to tell or a book launch coming up and want to share this with the world, securing that first or next interview on a podcast can be daunting and downright overwhelming at times.

  • Select Podcast Guests offers an interactive listing service leading to limitless possibilities.

  • Guests have the opportunity to be noticed, obtain interviews, expand their reach while generating leads and potential sales.

  • Listing your podcast or guest profile is simple with exclusive perks.

  • Your profile links back to your website creating traffic,  helping SEO.

  • Profile pages are media One-Sheets to share with other media.

  • Members are privy to podcasting, corporate, and niche live events.


 Why Podcasters Are Listing Their Podcast Here

With more people listening to podcasts than ever before, it's no wonder podcasts are soaring in popularity. They're as diversified as the people who create them and as engaging and informative as the guests who appear on them. The best part of the limitless podcast world: content is audio and viewable, making it accessible to listen to, and watch, no matter where you are or what you are doing. 

* Podcasters meet expert guests and new entrepreneurs who share their stories to success.

* Podcasters find other podcasters to collaborate with, creating a stronger outreach together.

* Podcasters are invited to be guest bloggers, sharing tips and insight about podcasting.

* Podcasters have a Media One-Sheet and backlink to their website or podcast site.

Why We Started This Connection and Resource Directory

Select Podcast Guests is an extension of Brand Ambassador Select and its podcast that connects consumers with products and small businesses. After showcasing so many entrepreneurs and expert guests, we wanted to continue to broaden connections and collaborations between guests, products, and podcasters through a select directory. But we didn't stop there as our site also serves as a resource supporting podcasters with a collection of articles for podcasters by podcasters along with introducing them to new and innovative products and services.

We Measure Our Success By 

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